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***UPDATE***FreightEx Logistics is the newest division of FreightEx Freight Services. With our ever growing business we have decided to split our Asset and Brokerage into two separate companies under the same umbrella. FreightEx Freight Services will continue to use MC-816635 and DOT-2387910 and FreightEx Logistics will use MC-609862 and DOT-2799013. FreightEx Logistics has the same friendly staff, ultra fast carrier payments and great service that you have come to expect from us.

FreightEx Logistics is a full-scale brokerage and logistics provider that offers transportation solutions and logistics services to hundreds of customers across the United States and Canada in a wide range of industries.

We work with an ever-growing network of carriers to ship freight across the United States and Canada. Our dedicated team of carrier representatives is organized by region and trained by mode to maximize backhaul opportunities, build strong relationships, and closely track and predict spot market rate fluctuations.

Reach out to the FreightEx Team at 877-207-5161 ext. 2 or

We team with McLeod’s transportation management software





A trucking company and brokerage providing logistics services in the United States and Canada, as well as cross dock in Grand Forks, ND and regional delivery services. 

It’s time for a fresh perspective on freight logistics. We combine the reliability of an asset-based carrier with the flexibility of a freight brokerage.  However, before we were any of those things, we were a freight customer ourselves. We’ve been growing our  transportation-related business since 1933, and in that time we’ve learned firsthand how good logistics benefit the bottom line. We’ve seen this business from both sides, and that puts us squarely in your corner. Your success comes first – that’s the FreightEx Way.